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About Us

How we work. And why we're good at what we do

We’re committed to providing an outstanding and professional service.

Throughout the entire organization, we’re passionate, proactive, and responsive. Quite simply, we're focussed on getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Which means finding answers to problems when they arise. Dealing with issues calmly and quickly. And having outstanding relationships with suppliers, contractors and clients.

Meet The Core Team

Noel Peters

Noel co-founded Petrobis and has worked in the construction technology industry for the last thirteen years of his twenty year career in the Information Technology arena.


Although he is well versed in many technology delivery platforms, disaster recovery, risk management and insurance his primary focus is promoting Petrobis' business development.

Dan Cleary

Dan brings a specialization in casino FF&E design coordination, bidding, procurement and integration of key low voltage systems with consultants, design team, construction and operations.


Focusing on Surveillance/Security, AV, Local and Wide area networks, Telephony and slot/table game installation. Dan was a key reason for the success of two recently completed casino projects.

Nathan Robertson

Nathan is the other co-founder of Petrobis. For the last 15 years he has been involved of all area of the IT industry, from integrator to oversight. His unique take and insight into current technology helps produce solid, quick results.


When not working with the latest technology Nathan enjoys a quiet life with his wife and son.